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Painting’s capacity to record observations of the visual world, but always with a subjective tint, is the foundation of my practice. My work explores intimacy in the home environment, and what it means for spaces to take on layers of meaning in the form of nostalgia and identity. Taking inspiration from the mundane scenes we surround ourselves with in times of comfort and routine, I acknowledge how these settings can hold emotional value beyond their use, and how spaces can be viewed through eyes of nostalgia. The inclusion of pattern is representative of the routine and monotony of daily life, but also a nod to the abstract experiences felt in thoughts and dreams. The use of red references the red shadows of analogue photographs and the rose tint of a fond gaze.



2021 - BA History of Art, University of Warwick

2023 (current) - Graduate Diploma Fine Art, Royal College of Art



8th September - 29th September 2023 - Women In Art Prize, Camden Roundhouse 

Wells Art Contemporary, 2023


RBA Rising Stars, 2023

Pastel Society Annual Exhibition, 2023

Warwickshire Open Studios (Emerge Bursary winner), The Courtyard Gallery, 2022


Rye Bank Gallery Open Exhibition, 2022

Society of Graphic Fine Art 101st Annual Open, Mall Galleries, 2022

Royal Cambrian Academy Open Exhibition, 2022

Discerning Eye 2018, Mall Galleries, 2018

Commissions and Sales

Please contact me about purchasing paintings, commissions, or anything else by filling out this form.

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You can also contact me on Instagram: @georgina_davenport

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